Damson Gin Liqueur 375mL

Damson Gin Liqueur 375mL

Papaka Road
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Damson Gin Liqueur 375mL. A little bottle of sweet plum gin deliciousness.  Made from locally grown Whakapara Damson Plums and combined with our Papaka Road Gin. 4 months later… dessert in a glass.

Chill it down in the freezer and drink in straight as a liqueur. Or try it in a gorgeous cocktail- like Damson in Distress or Damson Darling, or add it to a Negroni.

I’m absolutely loving a King’s Damson which is 

  • 100ml damson gin
  • 300ml Champagne/ Prosecco 
  • Cherry to garnish

However you enjoy it, know you are part of an exclusive club - only 100 small bottles were produced and once they’re gone, they’re gone. 

We hope you enjoy!