One for you, one for me 375ml Raspberry and Barrel Aged

One for you, one for me 375ml Raspberry and Barrel Aged

Papaka Road
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1 x 375ml Papaka Road Barrel Aged Gin

1 x 375ml Papaka Road Raspberry Gin

After many months our Barrel Aged Gin is finally ready. A special new blend of our gin has been gently aging in Pinot Noir Oak wine barrels, and after many MANY tastings it is finally ready.

This gin is something a little different. Smoky, spicy, woody, reminiscent of a light cognac. Perfect for that late night end of night tipple straight or on ice, or cocktails that suit a deeper mixer (it’s amazing in an Apple Gin Mule) , or a fabulous gift for the hesitant gin drinker in your life that needs luring over from the ‘dark side’ (😂😂- Mike is in love with this one).


Papaka Road Raspberry Gin made with locally grown raspberries from orchard legends Maungatapere Berries.

Bursting with raspberry flavour, but carefully blended to ensure this gin, is still maintains it’s gin profile.

The perfect gin to sip with soda water, mix in a new G&T combo or create some gorgeous new cocktails for summer. 🌺☀️