Gerry's Gin & Tonic

Gerry's Gin & Tonic

I love the taste of our gin, so I find that while I like tonic, it can become all about the tonic and not enough about the gin.

So my variation (which I learned from a very wise gin-drinking boss of mine on the super yachts, Gerry) is to use a blend of tonic & soda water.

In a tall glass muddle two wedges of lime.
Fill with ice, pour over one or two shots of gin.

Add an equal amount of tonic. Top with soda water - this allows the delicate flavours of the boutique botanicals gin to come through more. It has a wonderful effect on the aftertastes that can otherwise be over influenced by quinine and sugar in tonics.

Simple Schweppes tonic water is totally fine, but there are some wonderful alternative tonics on the market like Quina Fina (NZ), Fever Tree(Premium indian or Mediteranean) and East Imperial (NZ)(Old world) that just add an extra level.

Some people claim not to like gin but it's often found that they actually don't like the taste of tonic water! Try gin with other mixes, such as with soda water, cranberry, ginger ale, natural lemonade and bitter lemon.

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