Advent Calander

2023 Advent Calender

Merry Christmas to you all! Here is the plan for our Advent Calendar celebrations. There is obviously no expectation that you have to follow our plan of cocktails, but it does expose you to some new ways of pairing your gins. Follow along, try some, or just do your own thing - it’s your celebration!

At the start of the week is an ingredients list that covers the whole week. Bear in mind, that it is for one drink, so just buy small amounts. And don’t forget the ice!

Merry Christmas to you all! We hope you enjoy the fun and thank you for being part of our team

xxBeth and Mike.

(please send us photos, we love seeing what you are all doing with your gin!) Scroll down for the recipes:)


Ingredients for the week: Tonic, 50ml cranberry juice, 15ml simple syrup, 15ml lime juice, Dash grenadine (optional for colour), Apple juice, Ginger beer, apple, sugar syrup, strawberries, soda water,  50ml amaretto 50ml cream 1 tsp lemon curd 1/4 tsp vanilla, soda water, Cointreau / triple sec, Freshly squeezed lemon juice, Simple syrup, Aquafaba/egg white

Day 1 - Classic. Let’s start simple with a Classic Gin and Tonic -Gerry's G and T

Day 2 - Raspberry - Pink Berry Cosmopolitan Pink Berry Cosmopolitan

Day 3 - Barrel Aged - Aged Gin Mule Aged Gin Mule

Day 4 - Blue Nikau Yuzu - Gin Rickey Gin Rickey

Day 5 - Blueberry and Vanilla - White Rabbit White Rabbit Cocktail

Day 6 - Mandarin and Ginger - White Lady White Lady

Day 7 - Glenbervie Strawberry Crimson fizz  Crimson Fizz



Ingredients for the week: Honey syrup, lemon, lemon juice, 1tbsp sugar syrup, 20ml Chambord, Raspberries for garnish (optional), Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic, lime, ginger ale, 15ml Lillet Blanc, 15ml Aperol, 1 dash of Angostura Bitters, 75ml pineapple juice, 50ml coconut milk, 1tbsp fresh lime juice, Ice, 30ml Lillet Blanc, 15ml Triple Sec, Soda water

Day 8 - Lime and Passionfruit - Mrs Taylors Mrs Taylors

Day 9 - Vanilla - Gina Colada Gina Colada

Day 10 - Classic - Bees Knees Cocktail Bees Knees

Day 11 - Raspberry - Berry Nice Berry Nice

Day 12 - Barrel Aged -Foghorn Foghorn

Day 13 - Flutterby - G and T - paired with Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic or East Imperial Yuzu tonic

Day 14 - Passionfruit- Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy


Ingredients for week: Basil,sugar syrup, lemon juice, egg white, soda, premium tonic (2), fresh mandarin, crystallised ginger, bundaberg sparkling passionfruit, sugar, 2 oz pineapple juice, 1 oz lime juice, 1 oz orgeat (almond) syrup, dry vermouth, 5ml Elderflower syrup, Sprig of mint, 15ml Lillet Blanc or vermouth, 15ml Aperol, 1 dash of Angostura Bitters

Day 15 - Blueberry and Vanilla - Martini Elderflower-mint-martini

Day 16 - Mandarin and Ginger - G&T - (with premium tonic, fresh mandarin, crystallised ginger)Gerry's G and T

Day 17 - Lime and Passionfruit (bundaberg sparkling passionfruit and sugar rim)

Day 18 - Classic - Silver fizz Silver-fizz

Day 19 - Barrel Aged - Gin Basil Smash Basil-smash

Day 20 - Blue Nikau Yuzu - G&T with a good quality tonic, Gerry's G and T

Day 21 - Flutterby - Royal-Hawaiian



Ingredients for the week: 1-3 passionfruit, Juice of half a lime, Sugar syrup to taste, soda water, ⅔ Part Kahlúa, ⅔ Part Espresso, 3 Whole Coffee Beans,  two wedges of lime, ice, Fever Tree mediterranean tonic, soda water.

Day 22 - Vanilla Espresso Martini

Day 23 - Passionfruit Passionanna Fizz

Day 24 - Strawberry Gerry's gin and tonic

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