About us

Papaka Road Gin New Zealand
Papaka Road is a premium, boutique spirits distillery focusing on a unique signature taste blend created through natural botanicals combined with fresh, locally sourced citrus zest from the Tutukaka Coast area.

Our Gin is created right in the heart of Ngunguru, using the water’s of the pristine Ngunguru River catchment and hand-picked citrus fruits of the Tutukaka coast. We only use fresh zest, depending on the season you may have hints of lime, tangelo, orange and of course lemon. Our gin is 42%, allowing it to support the natural oils that pass through our distillation through into your favourite beverages.

Who are we?

Beth and Mike Churcher, wife and husband with 3 little ones, having a crack at something we love doing. Beth’s knack with boutique deliciousness, and distilling excellence has been a little known secret on the coast for years. Mike brings the science and the engineering sides in to scale up the flow of gin a bit so there’s some left over for YOU…enjoy